My dog,
just there in my mind
in my own thoughts
your loss is deeply felt,
worrying about your hurt ear
thinking of your warm nose,
dreaming about our distance of place.

My beautiful dog,
who is full of consolation
and looking forward to me coming home.

I hold you in my arms and hands,
in my days of happiness and sorrow;
here in a sunny, warm morning,
between the silent sea and twittering birds.

My dog,
like a healing wind
over the Irish hills,
from an open space,
where you belong,
where the fresh raindrops falls
and wash your wheaten fur.

But, you are here
with your living, rocking tail,
your great talking eyes
with joy and faithfulness.
A message behind
time and space.

My dog, you are here!


Hans-Evert Renérius,