Hans-Evert Renérius (René)

Hans-Evert Renérius (René) was born in 1941 in the city of Jönköping, Sweden. His home, however, is in the small town of Habo just north of Jönköping, in the province of Väster- götland in the south Swedish highlands.

Renérius attended grade school Habo 1948-1955. After leaving school he worked for a while in an electrical installation business at Habo. He attended a Commercial School att Jönköping 1957-58, and at the same time took correspondence courses leading to high school graduation in 1961.

From 1961 - 1965 Renérius attended the Teachers Training College at Linköping. He taught high school in his home town of Habo, and then went to the University of Göteborg for further studies 1967-1970. In the fall of 1970 Renérius taught at the Teachers Training College at Jönköping.

While at the Universsity of Göteborg Renérius worked as a journalist att the well-known Swedish newspaper Göteborgs Handels och Sjöfartstidning. He also travelled in Greece and Spain, and worked on the ship Kungsholm from Göteborg to New York.

Renérius has strong musical interests, and play the piano and the trumpet. He is also interested in games and athletics, and has played on bandy and football. He also worked as a tennis coach for many years and he is still doing.

Hans-Evert Renérius first poems were printed in Jönköpings-Posten. Since then numerous publications have carried his poetry - e.g. Horisont, Lyrikvännen, Svenska Dagbladet, Scholasticus, Libertas, Yggdrasil, Götheborske Spionen and many others. First book in English - POEMS, 1971. (Anglo-American Center) Martin Allwood and Charles Richatds.

At this time he have giving out 25 books in difference categoriezs. Over 50 years he has written about books in newspapers and in Btj - for the Swedish library. Parts of his books is translated in several language.

Renérius has also written a book about emigration and the well known author Vilhelm Moberg. He has written about Greece and the town Athens, the islands in the Greece archipelago. One title of his books have became the name from the small village in Smaland to the city of the Holy land: From Lönneberga to Jerusalem.